Where are You?

Where are you? I don’t mean a geographical location, currently I am in Vancouver maybe you are in Seattle or New York. Where are you in presence, where is your head where is your heart? When you are talking to someone important is your head thinking about other things and your heart. Maybe you are worried about what the other person might say. Maybe you just had a disagreement with your partner and you are a bit defensive or are not fully present and really with them and hearing them. Or are you escaping somewhere else, maybe it’s not safe to be here. Maybe I am thinking about work or life problems.

Are you showing up, are you fully present in every moment? If you are not present a person doesn’t get a feel for who you are. What is going on in  your heart are you feeling the other person? Then a person is connected that’s being more Spiritual and that’s the next level of life!

About the Author Patrick Hercus