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Meaning and Passion
Answers are Power!

Every person I have ever seen in my practice starts with the same questions. “Why can’t I figure this out myself, why am I not getting what I want? How can I stop the confusion, pain, loneliness, disengagement, sadness or how can I feel fulfilled, passionate, connected and have the life I want?” Another request is “how can I increase my spiritual connection and find my passion and purpose?”

There is no one answer for everyone! We require multiple individual “ahh moments” and solutions to really move forward.

Meaning and Passion – Answers are Power! is a 50 minute video that let’s you:

  • Determine the reasons why you are not getting what you want.
  • Discover how your humanity and spirituality can combine to intentionally live with passion, meaning and success.
  • Learn what the 5 Constrictors are and identify how and why you are going backwards.
  • Learn what the 5 Neutrals are and understand what is keeping you stuck.
  • Learn what the 5 Expanders are and how to fully use them to propel yourself forward.
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Depression Relieved

Learn – Apply – Freedom

Let’s be honest if you could have figured this out by now you would have! There are no simple solutions to complex problems only answers that don’t work and situations that do not go away.

Depression Relieved is a 6 week, 12 module online and live webinar based training that let’s you:

  • Determine the reasons you are down/depressed, there could be up to 17.
  • Learn how to use the “Freedom Ladder” each step is different.
  • Create the emotional state you want by using proven tools.
  • Learn to connect with and have your Spirituality empower and bring you a greater sense of long term peace.
  • Have access to 3 months (weekly) recorded live Mastermind Question and Answer sessions.

Depression Relieved is a support training meant to enhance and add to the work you may already be doing. It is advised to be working with a mental health professional, however it is not required.