1-on-1 Coaching with Patrick Hercus

In person/telephone/skype or full day in your home/office

You know your situation better than anyone else. But you’re actually the one LEAST LIKELY to see how to resolve it. It’s not that you’re not smart or insightful; you’re simply TOO CLOSE to see and resolve the challenges. Like an older person trying to read fine print, the secret is getting distance. In the case of your challenges and goals, “distance” comes from working with a 3rd party professional.

Hi. I’m Patrick Hercus, and whatever circumstances you’re dealing with, I’ve seen it a hundred times before. Your life is not something to tinker with as you try to figure out how to get the pieces to work together in a new way. You may not get another chance. You’d be wise to get sound counsel based on EXPERIENCE…based on WHAT WORKS.

When it comes to deep change in their lives, when people act based on their instincts, things usually get worse, not better. (if you could have figured it out by now you would have) It’s not that what you’re doing doesn’t make sense. It’s that life’s situations are not always linear; there are many levels, and each level requires a different approach! And unless you understand the complexities of uncovering and expanding passion and meaning to achieve results, you’ll dig yourself deeper and deeper into a mess. I can tell you the outcome of certain decisions before you even make them. Stop guessing. The past+the present = the future, if nothing changes nothing changes. Let me assist you in discovering, expanding and fully living the experience of your life’s passion and meaning! This may take us into the areas of business/career, intimate/other relationships, health and life balance.

True success and achievement can only come from having all areas of one’s life supporting each other and working together. Why stay stuck, unfulfilled, disengaged, no direction, no meaning, sad or depressed. The list is endless and the solution is very seldom one thing.

Let me give you clear instructions and support so that your situation changes. Experience that’s based on hundreds of cases just like yours. Is it time?

Q: Okay Patrick, I want your help. How does this work?
A: It doesn’t matter where you live. I work regularly with people from all over the world. I do in person/phone/skype sessions and also make full day home/office onsite appointments.
Q: What exactly do you mean by a “phone/skype session” and how does it work?
A: Simple. We schedule an appointment for a mutually convenient time and we do the session over the telephone/skype.
Q: What’s an “office/house connection?
A: I make onsite connections which means that I travel to your location and lead you (and others) through a full day intensive private seminar experience. This is transformational and there’s no substitute for me spending an entire day face to face helping you to get to the root of your problems and create a breakthrough experience that will put your life on a new path.
Q: What about payment?
A: Payment is required UPON SCHEDULING. Visa or MasterCard are accepted.

To make an appointment for a private session or if you have questions, please call 604 278-0175 or email using the contact page


$125 hour (packages are available)
In-person intensive.
Full Day rate: $1650 plus travel expenses
Please note: Payment is required upon scheduling.

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If you can’t afford the session fees feel free to phone and discuss your situation.