Consciousness is Important! What Level are You?

by Patrick Hercus

When talking about transformation, consciousness and success in one sentence I usually receive an odd or vacant look, followed with questions like, what do you mean? or what does it have to do with success, why is it important? or what level am I ………? Here are some explanations.

Levels of Consciousness

David R. Hawkins MD., Ph.D. in his book Power vs Force has this to say;  “The ways the various levels of human consciousness express themselves are profound and far-reaching; their effects are both gross and subtle. All levels below 200 are destructive of life in both the individual and society at large; all levels above 200 are constructive expressions of power. The decisive level of 200 is the fulcrum that divides the general areas of force and power”.

Personally I have noticed that I can be at 100 and later on be at 600, what is important is my average, where I hang out consistently.

levels scale

Here is an experiment for you, pick an emotional state under 200 and below what your lower level is and be that for a few hours. Try this someplace of minimum importance where you are interacting and communicating.

  1. see how people respond or react to you
  2. see how your view of life changes
  3. see how your view of yourself changes
  4. how do your feelings and experiences different?

The next part is to do the opposite, choose an emotional state above 200 and higher than what your usual level is and be that for a few hours. This time experiment anyplace you choose.

  1. see how people respond or react to you
  2. see how your view of life changes
  3. see how your view of yourself changes

4)  how do your feelings and experiences change?

There are two very important reasons for these exercises.

  1. To really understand the power an emotional state has in our world to be either destructive or constructive
  2. That it is possible to choose our emotional state, this does take practice
  3. Once we become aware, we are far more likely on an automatic or subconscious level to choose the state that takes us in the direction we wish to go

Why Consciousness equals Success

I always find it amazing how one “angry” person at a social gathering will affect and change the “level of consciousness” in a room. We hear this all the time that success attracts success, one part of the success puzzle is having the job/experience/education the other half is having the consciousness. Who would you rather support and follow (assuming both people have the same resume) a person who averages at 150 anger or someone who averages at 200 courage or even 350 acceptance?

Why Consciousness is Important

Cindy (not her real name) had tried everything she could, to meet “the guy”she didn’t know what she didn’t know. She met lots of men however her connections never went anywhere, a few dates maybe a year and the guy would disappear. How could an attractive, well educated, successful woman strike out endlessly in the dating game? Needless to say Cindy was becoming depressed, shameful, angry and even apathetic. The men she was meeting were actually becoming less and less committal and appealing, which began to lead to a way of thinking “that all men were ——-“. During a session we talked and she began to understand that her emotional outlook and state of mind (consciousness) had a very significant impact on the quality of men that were showing up in her life. We worked on moving her up the consciousness scale.

Cindy then understood that “competitive, stressful, intense work consciousness” needed to be very different than “dating consciousness”which need to be willingness, acceptance, joy and love. That work Cindy was very professional and becoming less appealing because of her lowered levels of consciousness. Dating Cindy needed to be   more heart based and less risk adverse to use a business term. It took some work for her to actually change her consciousness, however within a couple of months she started dating men that were sincere and saw her as partner material. We are now working on how she reacts when in a committed relationship.

3 Tools for Transforming Your Consciousness

Step 1

Objectively look at your situation as if you were your own coach. (friends and colleagues may be able to help, however they are usually to close to see objectively and are generally just as stuck.)

Step 2

Look at what level (on average) according to Dawkins that you are trying to solve the problem from or living life at.

Step 3

Devise a plan to up your level to the next highest, one level at a time you will get better results. If on average you are at a 150: anger or frustration then what changes would you need to make to be at a 175: pride? Be careful with this, try to stay out of blame and focus only on yourself.

Have fun with this article. I always find it amazing how a person’s consciousness  can change by having the right information and  a simple yet effective way to implement the changes.

What I Don’t Know Equals Success

lot of question marks on white papers -hard light

lot of question marks on white papers -hard light

by Patrick Hercus

As a rule we are incredibly hard on ourselves when it comes to not succeeding.

we try harder, put in more hours, go on more dates

we learn more, take courses, talk to friends, get help

we numb out or shut off our feelings, sometimes it is too much or the immensity gets in the way of liv ing life

we get overwhelmed and then either get back in the game or just quit entirely

we justify the reality or blame someone or some thing else

we give up and go in a different direction

I know I have done all of the above or a combination at some point in my life, Im sure you have as well.

Sometimes it is about leaving, sometimes it is about learning more, sometimes it is about staying and learning more through a different lens. After all, most of what we keep trying to improve at doesnt work without realizing this is what we need to do.

A Pivotal Moment

We all have moments in our lives that are pivotal. We may not recognize them and their significance at the time, but they usually have a life-long effect.

One of these moments happened in my early twenties. I was having a discussion with the professor of a course on small business management. The conversation was broken up into three parts.

What I know

If I know how to audit a company or style hair or swim, all of this is fairly obvious. There is a possible catch. I can become sedate in thinking that I know enough or everything,  and as we know circumstances change quickly. How often do you hear stories of a person being let go because they are out of date, or their partner leaves them and they never saw it coming?

What I dont know

When I know what I dont know, I can find out what that missing skill or knowledge is. We can take specific training, courses, talk to colleagues, or connect with a coach or mentor. When a person acknowledges that they dont know something, it can be a very powerful place to stand if it is done from a place of strength. However if it comes from a place of shame, hiding, or hurt, the outcome usually isnt good.

What I dont know that I dont know

This is an incredibly important part of success. What I dont even know that I dont know, I dont even have the concept or starting point to know what I need to learn or how to achieve that. If I don’t know something exists how can I plan for it, harness it or even avoid it until after the fact?

A Real Life Example

Lets look at an example, a real life situation with the names changed.

Brian is the owner of a company that imports products and distributes them through his independent sales reps into retail stores. For the last 5 years, he has been trying to break 2 million dollars in yearly sales. Previous attempts had come close, ranging from 1.5 to 1.7 million. He had tried everything possible, including working with various consultants. Some of the implementations were upgrading computer systems, sales training, and increasing product lines. His first words to me were Im ready to give up, Ive tried everything and nothing is getting us into the next level of profit”. From his perspective he had tried everything, at least from the place of knowing what he did not know and being open to gaining knowledge. Over a few sessions, we looked at his business and realized that he was so overwhelmed and over worked that subconsciously Brian was pushing away business. Some people might say that he was overtly sabotaging his future, however that isn’t what was happening. Brian had a belief system similar to so many of us that stated that the more I work, the more success I will have”. This was the invisible wall he kept hitting, what he didnt know that he didnt know. The truth is that any person has a built in survival mechanism that will keep us from burning out if we listen, but the problem is how our culture and work environment pushes us past the point of listening.

The Fix

The fix was fairly simple. Instead of more success equals more work, causing more stress and burnout, we changed that belief system to one where more success equals more money and more people he could delegate to. Within 4 months, he broke 2 million dollars in volume.

In an ever changing, fast paced, frenetic world, those who succeed have the ability to learn what they dont know that they dont know. This edge puts them ahead of the others who are trying to get better at the old formulas. Lets be real, if we are not evolving ahead of the rest we are falling behind. What is it that you are not seeing that you are not seeing? A hint is to look at patterns in your life that are not getting you what you want.

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