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Where do my decisions come from?

The first thing we need to do is to realize that there are two different systems or main categories that we make our decisions from. Each of the two systems have several subsystems within them. This article and the next few will be dealing with the two main areas, we will get into the subsystems later.

Every person I have ever worked with (including myself) ponders the question “should I trust my intuition or my analysis?” These are the two main categories that we make decisions from.

At one extreme, society and our academic systems have us believing that the analytic way of making decisions must be better, and yet there are mistakes made by even the most well trained people. On the other side of the pendulum is the person who leads life from their intuition, and in some cases they can’t get their lives to work.

What is a person to do? The first step is to understand that there are two very distinct areas that we gain decision making information from. That both areas have strong points and weak areas.

Till next time.

“Goal Wishing and Goal Visioning” the first two steps

For the next number of posts I’d like to go into each area of what most people call goal setting.

I use the term “goal wishing” to describe the starting and sometimes ending point for most people’s “goal setting” adventures. Having something come to mind like a new job, more money a house etc. can be the start of what needs to be experienced, however this is a very incomplete and risky place to run your life from! As an example; the dream or wish of having a house is this simply a programmed social response, or should we really be going back to school? This is why the process of “goal visioning” is so important, it gets you in touch with what your inner self (higher) really needs to have happen and also the sequence it is to happen in.

How many times do we expend a lot of time, money and life energy chasing a goal that turns out to have the wrong timing or it’s just plain an uphill battle. I don’t know about you, I’m fairly sure I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the dead end journeys as well as the number of years lost.

“Goal Visioning” is usually a guided process that takes a person past the “I want this” to a place of “knowing” what they need to do, have or accomplish. When your actions are coming from a connection with your higher self, life sure becomes a whole lot easier.

To summarize, the first two steps are “Goal Wishing” and “Goal Visioning” next week we will discuss the third step.

Thanks for listening

The Building Blocks in Goal Setting

Welcome to 2012

It seems predictions this year range from a slight shift in our economies to the end of the world.  That’s quite the range! (more on this in later conversations)

I don’t mean to sound trite, if the end of the world might be this year why would I worry about something I can do nothing about? All that would be accomplished is less growth and productivity for myself, and more fear added into a world that already has too much. Whatever I put my time, focus and energy into always produces some sort of a result. It may not be what I want though.

The beginning of each year historically is the time for us to get clear on what we would like the next 12 months to look like, to use a well know word “resolution” as we know resolutions very seldom produce results.

Over the past 15 years of supporting people one thing has become abundantly clear, simply writing a goal on a piece of paper very seldom produces sustainable results. Combining vision, intuition, knowledge and success consciousness does give us what we want, by adding in the passion, knowledge and connection as to why we are here (purpose) then our lives will change and watch out world!

Our personal sense of happiness, fulfillment and power (to name a few), that exist in nearly every moment is beyond words.

This is my intent, to guide individuals into fully living their purpose with awareness, direction and prosperity. This is truly where the good stuff in life exists!

Until our next discussion


What we don’t know

Hi I’m Patrick Hercus and welcome to our second conversation.

One of the first and most important building blocks to developing “Success Consciousness” is to retrain our minds so we can see what we have never seen before.
This reminds me of a psychology/anthropology study from university.
There was a tribe in Africa that had never had any outside influences from other cultures or societies. Everything in their world was round and curved; trees, people even their huts. The anthropologists built a small house, the type we are used to, where everything is flat with corners. The natives walked into the walls and the corners, their brains had no memories or context in which to place this new experience. They just didn’t see the structure.

We are no different! Our society programs us to think, see and act in a certain way.
How many times do you keep bumping into walls that you don’t see? How many times do you keep doing things the same way expecting different results?

Every so often a person crosses our path that makes a memorable difference, one of those moments happened in my early twenties. This is what I was taught.
What I know I know
What I know I don’t know I can find out
What I don’t know that I don’t know will get me every time

What we don’t know that we don’t know about visioning, intuition and “Success Consciousness” will get us every time.

Thanks for being apart of this conversation, if you have any questions or feedback feel free to be in contact.

Until our next discussion

Learning the rules of a new world

Hi, I’m Patrick Hercus and welcome to our first conversation.

Get ready to change your world in ways most people have never dreamt of. This is my first promise to you. I focus on teaching visioning, intuition and “Success Consciousness”. What are they, how each area works, how all areas work together, and most importantly how YOU can learn to use this new skill set to radically change your world for the better.

Knowledge is wonderful, however if it can’t be intentionally applied then the whole exercise is just academic. My second promise to you; I will teach you how to take the lessons in visioning, intuition and consciousness so you can be successful in your everyday life.

Let’s face it, over the past 10 years our worlds have changed dramatically and I have a strong sense that it is just beginning. The old paradigm of “get educated, get a good job, learn to play the game and success is guaranteed”, no longer applies. The state of the world and the global economy, downsizing, increased competition, increased demands and higher stress levels etc. etc. make for a really crazy existence!

Life is continuing to change and the rules are not the same. Unfortunately no one has stepped up to teach us how to play this new game or even what the revised rules are. Being good at applying visioning, intuition and “Success Consciousness” in combination with your professional skills, equals success. This is the edge we need in the new world!

Teaching is my job, learning, applying and succeeding in life is your job. So join me in this discussion, and we’ll talk again soon.

Blessings, Patrick.