About Patrick Hercus

We are not born with a manual. Most of us don’t have the conscious awareness of what our meaning in life is, let alone how our spirituality, humanity and the”why” we are here combines, so we can intentionally live with passion, meaning and success.

As early as 13 I had my first of many experiences with depression and anxiety. In my early thirties I had a near death experience, I remember the Doctor’s saying I would not walk again. We all have wake up calls, that was mine. In that moment I decided to figure out how life worked and why this happened. I also decided to walk and after lots of rehab – well backpacking is my favorite sport. My journey since the NDE has been to learn, understand, fully live and support/coach other people on their journey’s. I have lost business’, been divorced, gotten remarried, cleared the hurt of my childhood issues and programming, raised a child and had many success’. All the while figuring out and finding lasting solutions for complex challenges; depression, hopelessness, stress and anxiety and on the other side of the coin fully living with passion and meaning for myself and clients.

All this experience, depth and wisdom as well as a Masters in Divinity, and a 6 year diploma in applied Spirituality and Metaphysics (plus other educational pursuits) and 21,000 one on one ongoing client hours over 20 years as a Spiritual Life Coach, all this comes together to reflect my reason for being here. “To support people that are feeling down, depressed, stressed and anxious into living a life filled with passion and meaning”.

I have found there are no simple solutions to complex problems only wrong answers and situations that do not go away. By combining your spiritual power and knowledge with the clarity and intention of your humanity, this is the sweet spot along with life skills, emotional growth, training and community. It is where we become unstoppable, even as life happens it is a state in which we are aways moving forward. This is the state where sadness, feeling down, depression, anxiety and high stress can only exist for brief periods.

I have presented numerous workshops, speaking engagements and webinars as well as family and group coaching both personally and corporately.

If there is anything you would like to know feel free to email.